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Glasgow In & Around Guide

Published July 2013

The Glasgow In & Around Guide is a unique, visitor targeted, highly illustrated guidebook that combines the best of Glasgow City Centre, West End and Merchant City with easy to do day trip destination suggestions that can be achieved in one day. Packed full of listings and relevantinformation the guide connects venues with the Glasgow Subway and City Sightseeing bus tour with handy visual icons whixh keeps your business connected with visitors as they move around the city.

Our research of hotel reception staff in Glasgow has found that visitors place a day trip to key locations outside Glasgow high on their agenda of things to do. Key requests are for information on Edinburgh, Stirling, Loch Lomond and The Clyde Coast. The Glasgow In & Around Guide provides useful information with lively imagery and lists key venues, attractions, shopping and dining establishments. The guide displays locations with easy to reference connectivity with the Glasgow Subway system and City Sightseeing bus tour.

The guide is not a hotel room fixture but is mass distributed and forms a constant companion to any visitor who wishes to experience the best of Glasgow and venture further a field during their stay.

Key Facts
200mm x 200mm Square, printed on 150gsm gloss

Annual, 50,000 copy print run distributed in volume bursts throughout the year alongside our Glasgow CityMap distribution runs.

Edinburgh section features 8 pages in 4x spreads highlighting key city centre attractions, shopping, dining and entertainment venues.

Distribution via existing Glasgow CityMap channels plus strategic location management by Direct Distribution including M74 motorway service areas from Gretna north to Hamilton.


All costs quoted are for FULL YEAR. Invoices can be split out depending on circumstances and budget timings. Various advert size variations available but most suitable are:

56mm x 56mm Square £320.00 (equiv £95.00 per quarter)
56mm x 86mm Vertical £680.00 (equiv £170.00 per quarter)
86mm x 56mm Horizontal £680.00
86mm x 86mm Qtr Page £740.00 (equiv £185.00 per quarter)
86mm x 176mm ½ Page V £1250.00 (equiv £312.50 per quarter)
176mm x 86mm ½ Page H £1250.00